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Environmental and Quality Policies

Martin & Servera endeavor to provide goods and services that meet our customers' requirements and expectations of the right quality, high food safety and low environmental impact.

Martin & Servera shall take measures that will reduce the negative impact on the environment, particularly environmental impact resulting from transportation. This applies to our own transport services as well as purchased transport services. The measures include vehicles, drivers and routes.

Other significant environmental aspects are the energy consumption in our buildings, and the reduction of waste and shrinkage.

This work will progress throughout the business, technically and at the levels required by law. Together with our customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers, we shall promote active environmental and quality management procedures.

Through continuous improvement we will maintain a position at the forefront of our industry in our role as a wholesaler for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Important aspects of quality for Martin & Servera's customers are:

  • reliable deliveries - the right product to the right customer at the right time
  • product availability
  • packing of load carriers
  • product knowledge
  • customer treatment and accessibility of service by telephone and website

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