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Policy Sustainable fishing and responsibly grown seafood

Martin & Servera wants to purchase fish and shellfish that are sustainably and responsibly produced, thus counteract overfishing and/or negative impact on the ecosystem.

We do this by

  • actively adjusting our range to replace non-certified products with certified ones
  • always certifying our private-label products as soon as volumes are available
  • demanding that subcontractors expand their range of fish and shellfish with certified products
  • in marketing initiatives, prioritise fish and shellfish products that are third-party certified to MSC, ASC or KRAV ahead of non-certified products
  • setting goals for increasing the sale of organic products, including MSC- and ASC-labelled products


For fish and shellfish products that are not third party certified, we make decisions on which species, origins and fishing methods we approve or reject for sale, based on information from environmental organisations, authorities and trade organisations. Our main sources are:

  • ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)
  • HaV (Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management)
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
  • SNF (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation)


Martin & Servera is positive to the change of fishing fleets gear and fishing methods, so as to minimize by-catches. However, we accept by-catches of fresh fish on which there are legal quotas. Fish and shellfish taken as by-catches is better sold than thrown back.


Approved species, origin and catch methods are described in a list published on each company’s website. The list I updated 2 times a year.

Our certifications

Martin & Servera is certified by the MSC Chain of Custody Standard for Seafood Traceability. This means that we meet the demands of the standard and are subject to regular review by a third party. Traceability is thus guaranteed so that customers of Martin & Servera that are MSC-certified themselves can actively market MSC-labelled fish products on their menus. The certification also covers ASC-labelled products (farmed fish and shellfish products). Martin & Servera also meets the KRAV standard requirements, and holds their certification.

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