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Our Guiding Principles

Martin & Servera's guiding principles are a way to identify and clarify our sustainability efforts. Within each area, we define goals and priorities, which help us to guide our sustainability efforts.

Our five guiding principles

Guiding principles are a way to define and involve all staff in our sustainability work. Our five guiding principles are stated below.

Resource-efficient operations

Making our operations work as resource-efficiently as possible is one of Martin & Servera's top priorities. Efficient logistics, electricity from renewable energy sources and warehouses with high energy performance are steps that contribute to reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

Sustainable offers

Martin & Servera strive to provide our customers with sustainable added value. A large range of organic and environmentally labelled products, a sustainability audited fish and seafood list, and partnerships that contribute to our and the industry's development, are vital parts of this.

Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety are some of our key sustainability issues. Martin & Servera has strict procedures and a strong chain of control throughout the supply chain: from supplier production to the receipt of goods, and right up to customer delivery.

Sustainable production

Martin & Servera's code of conduct is the basis for our work on sustainable production. The products we sell must be sustainably produced, with focus on animal welfare, good working conditions and low environmental impact.

Good employer

Martin & Servera wants to be an attractive employer, and works to enable employees to thrive and develop. There are several attractive employee benefits, and increasing diversity in the workplace is a big priority.

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