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Policy Soya

The production of soya is the subject of great discussion from both an environmental and social sustainability perspective. Forests/tropical forests, pasture and savannah have been converted into agricultural land, directly or indirectly, which has had many environmental effects, including a negative impact on climate, water resources and the ecosystem. Local communities, sometimes with indigenous populations, have also been negatively affected as the opportunities for food supply, protection and medicine, etc. have decreased.

Martin & Servera takes responsibility that the soya used in feed for the production of our animal products and soya products for human consumption rewards responsible production regardless of whether the product has Swedish or foreign origin. It includes products for which we in the have product liability, i.e. private label and products imported from third country. To ensure responsible farming, the soya used must be certified by an independent third party to a credible standard, which includes social, environmental and economic criteria, such as RTRS, ProTerra or KRAV. For practical reasons, the volumes will be guaranteed by purchase of certificates. Martin & Servera wants the suppliers to switch to certified raw materials as feed ingredients and to human soya products.


Active dialogue is being conducted with our brand suppliers of animal food to influence their respective supply chains' feed choices, so that we jointly achieve the goal of sustainably produced soya or other sustainable feed in animal production. Active dialogue is also being conducted with brand suppliers of soya foods for human consumption that they switch to responsible production of soya.

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