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Sustainable, organic and eco-labelled

With our over 4,000 organic and eco-labelled products, Martin & Servera has the widest range on the market of environmentally friendly foodstuffs. Our fish and shellfish policy sees us doing our part towards sustainable fishing.

Martin & Servera works long term to constantly broaden our range of organic and eco-labelled products. It is part of our sustainability efforts, based on our strong commitment to environmental issues, our environmental certification and our views on sustainable business. We have set new and ambitious goals to nearly double our sales of organic and eco-labelled products.

Martin & Servera has a five year target for sales of organic and eco-labelled products. In 2020, we want 40 percent of sales to the public sector and 15 percent of sales to commercial restaurants be organic or eco-labelled. Through our seafood policy, we want to contribute to sustainable fishing and promote the sale of fish and shellfish that are KRAV-, MSC- and ASC labelled.

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