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In partnership with the restaurant industry

Martin & Servera supports the restaurant industry. We believe in building relationships. When we work together, we develop and grow the industry.

Martin & Servera supports increased diversity and equality in the industry. We participate in industry projects which makes the Swedish food industry grow and meet the demand for local and organic food.

We are committed to sustainability issues in the industry, like trade unions to increase the use of certified palm oil and soy. We support many trade contests, competitions and events; locally, regionally and nation-wide. The gastronomic development in Sweden is important to us and inspires chefs all over the country.

Meet some of our partners

Chef of the Year

We are partners in the professional Swedish cooking championships, Chef of the Year.

The Swedish Culinary Olympic Team

Martin & Servera supports the Swedish Culinary Olympic Team.

Eco-Chef of the Year and Young

We support the Eco-Chef of the Year and Young Eco-Chefs contests.

White Guide

We are category sponsors of the White Guide Gala.

Exceptionell Råvara

We support the organisation Exceptionell Råvara, where chefs and farmers work together to develop new Swedish premium products.

Organic Sweden

Martin & Servera supports Organic Sweden, an organisation aiming to increase sales and production of organic food.

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