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Companies in the Martin & Servera Group

The Martin & Servera Group consists of Martin & Servera Restauranghandel, Martin & Servera Logistik, Fiskhallen Sorunda, Kötthallen Sorunda, Galatea, Grönsakshallen Sorunda, Martin & Servera Restaurangbutiker an Still Sparkling Solutions.

Martin & Servera Restauranghandel

Martin & Servera Restauranghandel is Sweden’s leading wholesaler and business partner for restaurants throughout Sweden. We offer fresh produce, restaurant equipment, beverages and other food items. Martin & Servera Restauranghandel is located close to our customers, with local sales offices all over Sweden. As a business partner, we offer service and training in addition to restaurant distribution.

Martin & Servera Logistik

Martin & Servera Logistik is our warehouse and logistics operation, with warehouses in four locations (Halmstad, Norrköping, Enköping and Umeå), as well as several transit points around Sweden. Each day, year round, Martin & Servera Logistik takes responsibility for our customers receiving exactly the products they need for their operations, through efficient and sustainable distribution from modern, energy-efficient warehouses.

Kötthallen Sorunda

Kötthallen Sorunda is one of Sweden's leading wholesalers of meat, game, poultry and charcuterie products – from their own farms and from producers all over the world. The company offers high quality meats and knowledgeable service. Fällmans Kött cuts and prepares meat in its own facilities and has control over the materials used from breeding to finished product. Fällmans Kött also produces sausages and cured meats from its own recipes. Its customers include restaurants, hotels, course centres and caterers. Kötthallen Sorunda works with chefs and meat producers to drive development forward.



Galatea imports and distributes beer, wine and spirits in the Nordic market. Galatea offers over 120 quality brands of imported beer, cider, wine and spirits. The company owns nine Swedish brands of beer, cider and spirits. Galatea customers include restaurants and bars such as Systembolaget and the retail sector. Galatea has 20 percent organic products in its own production and the largest organic beverage selection in Sweden. Through its subsidiary Brygghuset i Sigtuna AB, Galatea develops craft beer for its own brands, S:t Eriks and Sigtuna. Galatea distributes through the wholly-owned subsidiary KGA Logistik AB, Karlskoga, which has a contract with Carlsberg Logistics for transport in Sweden.


Grönsakshallen Sorunda

Grönsakshallen Sorunda offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables and the production of pre-cut and processed fruits and vegetables. Its customers include restaurants, hotels, course centres and caterers. The company is known for its broad and unique product range. Grönsakshallen Sorunda has four locations: Stockholm, Mora, Gothenburg and Nyköping. Grönsakshallen Sorunda is open around the clock, all year round.


Martin & Servera Restaurangbutiker

Martin & Servera Restaurangbutiker (Cash and Carry) offers a broad range of professional restaurant products – from vegetables and meat to glassware and kitchen appliances. At the Restaurant Stores, customers pick up and pay for their items on site. Customers include restaurants, cafés, food trucks, service homes, businesses and associations. Martin & Servera Restaurangbutiker are open seven days a week and also offer wine, spirits and beer to customers with an alcohol license. In the spring of 2016, Martin Olsson Cashar changed their name to Martin & Servera Restaurangbutiker. At the same time, a new restaurant store opened in Bromma and a new store concept was launched. Affordable, professional and personal are our watchwords.

www.martinserverarestaurangbutiker.se (in Swedish)

Still Sparkling Solutions

Stsill Sparklin solutions is specialised in draft beer and water facilities – the whole chain; from design, manufacturing and installation to service and maintenance. The main target group are hotels, bars and restaurants, and the company cooperates with the leading distributors of beer and wine. Responsibilities include everything from customized solutions in partnership with interior designers to installations for large events. Martin & Servera Solutions also offers the Still Sparkling water concept. Through installation, restaurants, cafés and bars get an efficient system for serving still or sparkling water. Still Sparkling combines design and flexibility with environmentally friendly aspects such as reduced transport and easy management.

www.martinserverasolutions.se (in Swedish)

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