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Niclas God – Director of purchasing
Phone +46 8-672 84 64
Email niclas.god@martinservera.se

Mathias Brinck – Senior Business Manager Private Label/Import
Phone +46 8-672 84 66
Email mathias.brinck@martinservera.se

Business Area Fresh food

Joakim Sköld Östling – Business Area Manager
Phone +46 8-672 84 60
Email Joakim.SkoldOstling@martinservera.se

Jim Wadhagen – Category Manager
Email jim.wadhagen@martinservera.se

Björn Nilsson – Category Manager
Email bjorn.nilsson@martinservera.se

Markus Pettersson – Category Manager
Fish and Seafood
Email markus.pettersson@martinservera.se

Caroline Westerholm – Category Manager
Cheese and Dairy
Email caroline.westerholm@martinservera.se

Per Idlund – Category Manager
Local products and Poultry
Email per.idlund@martinservera.se

Business Area Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Nicklas Schöön – Business Area Manager
Phone +46 35-18 30 67
Email nicklas.schoon@martinservera.se

Business Area Dry and Frozen food

Pia Hedström – Business Area Manager
Phone +46 8-672 86 01
Email pia.hedstrom@martinservera.se

Meghan Hill – Category Manager
Pasta, noodles, ready meals, chocolate, candy, ice cream and vegetarian products.
Email meghan.hill@martinservera.se

Niklas Starå – Category Manager
Vegetables, fruits, berries, potato products, jams/marmelades, bouillon/fond, foreign cuisine, rice, mushrooms, olives and olive oil.
Email niklas.stara@martinservera.se

Mikael Ekström – Category Manager
Coffee, tea, flour, bread, cookies, grains/cereals och baking mixes.
Email mikael.ekstrom@martinservera.se

Karolina Äletoft – Category Manager
Oils, eggs, mayonnaise, spices, ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, dressing, nuts, snacks, marzipan.
Email karolina.aletoft@martinservera.se

Business Area Restaurant Equipment and Nonfood

Magnus Åberg – Business Area Manager
Phone +46 8-672 84 03
Email magnus.aberg@martinservera.se

Jennie Stensson – Purchasing Manager
Private Label/Import
Email jennie.stensson@martinservera.se

Louise Engström – Purchasing Manager
Private Label/Import
Email louise.engstrom@martinservera.se

Anneli Zalavary – Category Manager
Machines and Furnishings
Email anneli.zalavary@martinservera.se

Jens Draböl – Category Manager
Email jens.drabol@martinservera.se

Karin Montell – Category Manager
Email karin.montell@martinservera.se

Business Area Beverages

Johan Adlén – Business Area Manager
Phone +46 8-672 84 36
Email johan.adlen@martinservera.se

Robert Margolis – Category Manager
Wine, spirits, beer, juice, soda, cider, water, energy drinks, still drinks
Email robert.margolis@martinservera.se

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