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Product images in Martin & Servera's web shop

High quality product images and accurate product data is essential for listing and our joint sales. Within 2 weeks after you have received an item number from Martin & Servera on Listed Item, please upload a product image.

We will assist with taking a photograph if an image is not submitted. For this we will charge for photograph and item cost. The image will be used in Martin & Servera's systems and channels.

1. Crop and save

An image with a lot of white space surrounding the product needs to be cropped to make it more suitable for displaying in the web shop. The image has to be in a JPEG/JPG format, 300 dpi and high resolution.

2. Naming standard

Name the product image with the correct Martin & Servera article number (which you will receive when the article certificate has been processed) followed by a suffix according to the following standard:

_01 indicates that it is a product image
_02 indicates that it is a product package image
_03 indicates that it is a prepared meal or an image that shows the product in context

The examples above show the same article number, but with three different endings. The product image (_01) is always displayed first in the web shop. However, it is nice for the customer to be able to click and see multiple images of your product.

3. Uploading

Only a few images

Send your images to productimages@martinservera.se. Zip the folder containing your images to decrease the file size, making it easier to send. Please double check that you have followed all of the instructions on this page before sending your images.

Multiple images

You can submit images in several different ways to us. Click on the links below to read more.


If you have any questions about images, please contact our marketing department.

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