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Online course - Basic course in food handling and hygiene

Online course - Basic course in food handling and hygiene


Längd:  Cirka 4 timmar

Pris: 850 kr exkl. moms

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The training is intended to make it easier for employees who are not fluent in Swedish but who work in a kitchen in Sweden. Where the course leader in the filmed material speaks Swedish, English text has been added. Besides, all questions and knowledge texts have been translated. The technical terms used in Swedish kitchens remain.
Get motivated, inspired and more knowledgable about working preventatively with food hygiene and food handling. With this knowledge, you can avoid costly mistakes and the dangers associated with food handling.

During this course you will learn what hygienic risks there are when handling food. We go through infectious agents, sources of infection, food poisoning, allergens and other health hazards. You gain insight into certain critical steps in food handling and what self-control contains.

The training is suitable for anyone who has contact with food where there are already people with overall workplace responsibility. Cold buffé managers, chefs, and waiting staff must all have basic food handling knowledge as they work with food to varying degrees.

The goal is that, in addition to the knowledge, you will also get inspiration and motivation to use what you learned during the course in your everyday business. The course content is based on the requirements of the National Food Administration and is the training that is requested by the authorities' inspectors.

The course is aimed at those who handle food in some form, such as chefs, serving staff, service staff, cold buffet personnel and other staff who have food contact in restaurants and public places.

No previous experience required.

Course content
  • Microorganisms and Infection (bacteria, viruses and parasites)
  • Hygiene (personal and premises)
  • Food poisoning
  • Chemical and physical health hazards
  • Self-control
  • Preventive measures

The online course is developed together with Krogkunskap

This is required to obtain a course certificate

Each section concludes with a number of control questions that must be approved in order for you to move on to the next part. To obtain a certificate of completion of the course, you must have passed 80% of the questions on each sub-test.
You can pause the training at any time to resume where you left it. You can also go back to already completed parts or start over from the beginning.

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